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Mangafan was created for the lover of Japanese animation and manga. We are interested in informing fans on interesting information about authors, !

Do you find yourself sitting around, with nothing to do, and can't decide on which Manga to read or which Anime to watch (among other things you can do to fill your time). Are you tired of sites written by people with absolutely no sense of reality and so filled with biase that you feel like throwing your computer out the window? Thankfully, Mangafan has great reviews written from a non-biased standpoint, so you can decide for yourself what is really worth reading or watching!

Have you ever seen an anime or manga that was so good, you wanted to learn more about the author and their other work, so that maybe you could see more content of the same quality? Well, even if you haven't, Mangafan has extensive articles on authors (and on the many works they've created). We also have information on great artists in the spotlight section. Check it out!

Mangafan is always striving to get the newest content out there for readers; hopefully you can find something here at Mangafan that interests you!

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Mangafan is maintained by Bryan Leewood. The layout and it's parts (including, but not limited to) the illustrations, textures, and (most) of the coding, were created solely by Bryan Leewood, and are copyright© 2008.

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