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12.09.11 - WEEK 16 PRESS RELEASE: Are We There Yet?

S3 Studios attended their exit interviews this week, voted for projects in class, and is awaiting the end of the semester!Read the full story...

12.02.11 - WEEK 15 PRESS RELEASE: What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been

As the year comes to a close, S3 Studios presented their final presentation this week. They finished the Storyfellows website and work on William has met all goals.Read the full story...

11.21.11 - WEEK 14 PRESS RELEASE: Petcha Kutwhatever

S3 has had one of the most productive weeks of the semester. Lots of work has been completed and S3 is excited for the conclusion of the semester. Read the full story...

11.11.11 - WEEK 12 PRESS RELEASE: Wait, What Time Is It?

With only a few weeks left in the semester, S3 Studios is hard at work to complete their products and research! Read the full story...

11.04.11 - WEEK 11 PRESS RELEASE: Many Steps At A Time

William continues development as mouse-drag panning and the outline feature are added. S3 Studios also attended the secondary CGT101 reach out and has plans for a highschool reach out. Read the full story...


S3 Studios has continued along the 411 track this week with a number of new and exciting developments. From product to methodology, everything has been under development this week. Read the full story...

10.21.11 - Week 9 Press Release: CONVINCE US WHY WE CAN'T

Check out the new updates involving testing methodology, William project development, and other interesting news in the week 9 press release Read the full story...

10.14.11 - Week 8 Press Release: The Journey Has Just Begun

Many exciting changes and developments have occurred at S3 Studios over the last week. On October 12th, S3 presented their "Go/NoGo" presentation to Beau Watson, Teddy Huff, and CGT411/450 Professor Terry Burton. Read the full story...

10.03.11 - S3 Studios Presents to CGT101

S3 Studios presented to the CGT101 class today at Purdue. Was a lot of fun, and we got lots of positive feedback!

09.25.11 - S3 Studios Go/NoGo Date

S3 Studios is officially announcing the date of their Go/NoGo: October 12th, 2011 at 3:30pm in Stewart Center 302.

09.20.11 - Website Launched

Welcome to S3 Studio's new website. S3 has worked night and day to design their new website. You will find all information pertaining to S3 and their products here.


S3 Studios is a web development firm focusing on cutting-edge web application development. Our current project, StoryFellows, is a social media network for writers.