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Welcome to Xenostar Labs!

Welcome to the Experiment

Welcome the Xenostar Labs, the personal website of Bryan Leewood. Here, you might find some interesting trinkets for use around the web.

You can see site showcases, read a few tutorials, and maybe even learn a thing or two. Make sure to have fun!


What's New?

As of October 18th, Xenostar Labs is now live! The website is broken into 6 different sections. The home page is your basic portal to different sections of the website, and your source for the latest updates. Next up is site showcase, which has a few of the coolest and most useful sites you might find on the web. Resources is a section with different links to different web-related resources, like tutorials, photoshop brushes, fonts, and more.

The experiments section has a few of my personal ongoing projects and how I did it. The articles section has some home-made tutorials written by yours truly on basic website mechanics. Finally, is the about page, which includes information about myself, my resume, and sources used for this website.

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